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Individual EESystem Services

Northern Lights

Overnight EESystem Session

Your body performs tissue growth and repair while you sleep. This allows healing and restoration to occur. Now, imagine the benefits of sleeping in a room that promotes healing, detoxification, and relaxation. Sounds pretty incredible doesn't it? 



Spend the night on a double bed right inside our EESystem room.  Choose from 10, 11, or 12 hour sessions and let the system do the work while you sleep. 

Call for an appointment


10 Hours — $400/person

11 Hours — $450/person

12 Hours — $500/person

For groups of 3 or less

10 hours

1st person — $400

2nd person — $300

3rd person — $200

12 hours

 1st person — $500

2nd person — $350

3rd person — $200

For groups of 4 or more

     10 Hours — $250/person

     11 Hours — $275/person

     12 Hours — $300/person

Bring your dog with you to any of these sessions for only $100 more!

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Veterans and Active Military

Free two hour session once a month - date and time to be determined

All other sessions are 50% discount

Please bring your Veteran or Active Military ID card

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