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We offer many resources to help guide you to better health through proper detoxification.  You may choose to enjoy a deeply relaxing EESystem session, an AMG Ionic Foot Detox bath, a Far-Infrared Sauna with Red Light Therapy as well as a Med Foot Massage treatment.


We have two, 12-unit Energy Enhancement Systems. One located in Incline Village, Nevada, and the other located in Carson City, Nevada. Clients come to us from all over Northern Nevada and Northern California. 


If you would like more options relating to Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Cupping and Acupuncture Injection Therapy please see our link for Sierra Acupuncture & Healing Arts.

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EESystem Session

Bathe in the bioscalar energy and photonic light of our EESystem, allowing your cells to recharge while detoxifying any impurities in your body and allowing it to take control and do what it is intended to do...HEAL ITSELF!

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Sunlighten Infrared Sauna 

Optimize your well-being in the integrated wellness ecosystem of Sunlighten's premier, patented 3 in 1 full spectrum infrared sauna with integrated red light therapy. It's the world's first and only dynamic sauna that empowers you to customize each wavelength to optimize the specific health benefit you want.

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The AMD 30 minute ionic foot detox is the leading detoxification device on the market today.  It is used to cleanse and detoxify the body by using electrically charged ions to remove heavy metals and other impurities from your body during a relaxing foot bath.

Ionic Footbath

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Med Foot Massager

The Med Massager is a revolution in personal care. It activates increased circulation, soothes away discomfort, and promotes deep healing as you rest. This system helps increase mobility and reduces chronic pain through vibration and is also very helpful for swelling, lymphatic drainage, neuropathy and neuralgias.

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EESystem Salt Bath Packs

Any detox session needs to be followed with a salt bath to facilitate the expression of toxins and at Northern Lights Energetics we've sourced the best ingredients for our selection of EESystem salt packs for you to enjoy at home.  The packs include high grade Dead Sea salt, aluminum free baking soda, 20 Mule Team borax, and energized EESystem salt.  

(Please see our in store selection)

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EESystem Medallions and Bracelets

We have an assortment of EESystem supercharged medallions and bracelets for your wearing pleasure.  While you're away from the EESystem, enjoy the bioscalar imprinted precious stones, allowing for protection and healing energy to stay with you while away from the system.

(Please see our in store selection)

See Our Other Services at Sierra Acupuncture & Healing Arts

We offer an array of healing modalities to guide you on your healing journey!

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